Candace Mae Training and Services' Comprehensive Leadership Development Program turns the Pandemic's Great Resignation into a Great Opportunity!

Celebrating 3-years in business, Candace Mae Training and Services,, launches a new Flagship Comprehensive Leadership Development Training Program which is tailored to each client's wants, needs, and goals to help clients leadership teams to succeed. It is found to be especially helpful in dealing with leadership issues that arose during Covid. This 15-month program includes extensive assessments, consulting, training, one-on-one and small group coaching activities.

Armed with extensive assessments to discover any blind spots, the program focuses heavily on developing emotional intelligence for stronger self-management and enhanced relationship management. Consulting services are added as needed, to address workflows, process re-engineering, benchmarking of key positions and the creation of a customized hiring process to assure that clients only hire top quality talent that align with their company values.

According to Candace Mae, "It's more than learning intellectually. Through our comprehensive services, we offer transformation that realigns your business and people, creating warm and welcoming work environments where employees are more engaged, and excited to come to work, organically resulting in higher profits."

The Comprehensive Leadership Development Program creates high impact, not only for a business, but in the changed lives of its individual team members. These growth changes can positively influence the workplace, customers, vendors, families, and communities. When a business invests in the growth of its people, businesses grow and create a positive ripple effect that improves families, communities, and the world at large!

Coaching with Candace Mae

Taking a comprehensive and holistic approach to leadership development, Candace Mae's coaching services address physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and energetic aspects. Coaching is layered with training to achieve an 80% higher sustainable changed behavior for positive organizational change.

Candace Mae's coaching is especially beneficial for executives dealing with roadblocks in communication, employee personality conflicts, unengaged employees who are not taking ownership for their work or embracing innovative solutions and transforming toxic work environments.

"We make business strategy, people strategy to get you on the path to higher profits. We develop leadership that CARES through Communication, Attitude, Relationship and Retention, Equipping teams with emotional intelligence and Sales. Build your people and processes, build your business!" states Candace Mae.

Candace Mae develops leadership that CARES through developing skills in Communication, Attitude, Relationships & Retention, Equipping teams with emotional intelligence, and Sales.

"Investing in your people's growth opens the doors for higher innovation, stronger collaboration, smoother communication, which creates high-energy, and warm and welcoming work environments where associates feel valued and are fully engaged. When you show CARE for your people, you win their hearts, and loyalty to your brand. Profits organically go up, and you build a pipeline of leadership that can sustain business expansion. People do what people see. As you CARE for your associates, they CARE for your customers," states Candace Mae.

About Candace Mae Gruber

Candace Mae's skills were honed through over 20 years working as a Project Manager with cross-functional teams and consultants from around the world to implement Enterprise Resource Planning systems that integrated management of core business processes for both corporate and higher educational institutions. Candace Mae incorporates change management principles when helping clients and businesses embrace change. With strong administrative and teaching skills, and a broad base of business industries, the expertise she brings to each client is a critical intersection of world class training she has received as well as her own hard-fought experience, and authored material.

As Certified Teacher, Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and an independent affiliate of The John Maxwell Team at the highest level (Executive Director), Candace Mae uses corporate-level training materials, combined with her unique experience, education, gifts/talents and palpable direct yet warm personality. In addition to the Comprehensive Leadership Development Flagship Program, she offers an in-depth training and coaching experience, augmented with consulting as needed to transform the lives, relationships, and businesses of her clients.

Clients repeatedly say, "I have found Candace Mae to be mission-driven, with a strong belief in making a positive impact in the world. She is the kind of person that believes that one small action can make great change. I have seen this belief in the way she builds tools and connects resources to leverage momentum, builds awareness and inspires positive change. Candace Mae has a caring character - she works hard to build trusting relationships with the people she works with and has a strong work ethic. I strongly recommend Candace Mae Gruber." Sean Gil, Career Center Director, University of California, Riverside.

Endorsed by Dr. John C. Maxwell

Candace Mae Gruber is endorsed by Dr. John C. Maxwell

International Best-Selling Author, Candace Mae's 2nd Book Releases Soon...

Heaven Within - Restoring Wholeness for Better Leadership covers a whole range of themes with the potential to impact your employees and thus your business--from systemic prejudice, intergenerational pain, conscious and unconscious mind, life and leadership principles, and abuse to the fight-or-flight response.

It is filled with gems, has a companion workbook, plus an additional surprise gift for readers inside the book, to enhance both their personal and professional growth.

Sign-up on this link to be notified when the book releases and receive the complimentary downloaded PDF companion workbook!

Candace Mae Gruber's Miraculous Healing

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