Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center, a Drug Rehab, is Offering Exclusive Treatment Programs in Cleveland Heights, OH

Cleveland Heights, OH: Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center offers exclusive treatment programs to patients, emphasizing evaluations, individualized treatments, and innovative approaches. Before putting the patient in any treatment programs, the addiction treatment center conducts an assessment led by a licensed therapist.

The main goals of the service are to assess the severity of the substance abuse and create an information-centered background to formulate a treatment plan. After the assessment, which may take 1-2 hours, the professional recommends the best treatment based on the results.

One of the Cleveland drug rehab programs is individual counseling, which is a detailed program centered around problem-solving, developing goals, addressing issues, and setting objectives. Besides the patient-centered sessions creating an empathic listening space for the patient, the professional also guides them in treatment planning. The therapist further assists the patient in identifying stressors, challenges in addictions, and barriers as a starting point to modifying behaviors and regulating emotions.

Also, the therapist offers motivational support, encouragement, and unconditional positive regard, which are key in the recovery process. Since the individual counseling is meant to be as flexible as possible, the patient and the therapist coordinate on scheduling, choosing the most convenient time for the sessions.

Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center also offers an intensive outpatient program emphasizing recovery education and assisting patients to achieve abstinence. The program has weekly recovery group sessions led by licensed and experienced counselors, and all patients must be willing to commit to the program for 90 days.

The program's primary goal is to assist the patients in understanding the addiction, develop skills needed to achieve sobriety, and avoid relapse. Considering patients have different schedules, the center offers the program during the day and in the evenings, giving each patient a chance to turn their life around.

Besides counseling, Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center offers an outpatient program to assist patients with addiction in an outpatient setting without disrupting their daily routine. The program assists the patients in avoiding relapse and maintaining sobriety, which are key elements in addiction treatment.

It also helps the persons in recovery understand different stages of alcoholism addiction and manage emotional stressors synonymous with addiction. In addition to the convenient, cost-effective, and personalized treatment program, patients get support from others, thanks to the outpatient support groups.

Asurgent Health - Addiction Treatment Center is located at 2490 Lee Blvd Suite 319, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 44118, US. Patients can contact the rehab center at 216-400-6640 to talk to the team. Visit the website for more information.

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