All Electrical Plus, a Sydney Electrician, is Installing Electric Vehicle Home Chargers in Beacon Hill, NSW

Beacon Hill, NSW: The average cost of petrol in Australia has hit a record high, making it expensive for most ICE car owners. Aside from the prices being high in recent months, the war between Ukraine and Russia, according to experts, may affect the supply and demand of petrol, forcing consumers in Australia and across the globe to pay more at the bowser.

While experts point out that the petrol prices need to double for the EVs to be affordable, the uncertain geopolitics may quicken the process, potentially moving EV sales from about 1% of the Australian car market share to a higher number. With the projected increase in sales, Australia is more likely to catch up with other developed nations and potentially create a ripple effect on other related sectors, such as installing more EV chargers.

Like in other countries, the cost of buying an electric car in Australia has discouraged many potential buyers. However, comparisons between the cost of the car and maintenance have shown that EV cars are the future, thanks to the low maintenance and charging costs. Unlike the ICE cars, it costs less to use the cars in the long term, assisting the car owner in recouping the extra money spent on the purchase.

One of the main hurdles to migration to EVs has been concerns about driving range before needing to recharge the battery. With limited roadside fast-charging stations, car owners were reluctant to make the shift, considering the challenge of finding charging ports along the way. Fortunately, car manufacturers have improved the energy storage in EVs, making it easier to travel long distances without problems.

Lobby groups have also pushed for policy changes in most parts of the country. NSW government policies, such as the $3000 rebate and removal of stamp duty, are a major step towards enabling more people to own electric cars, therefore lowering the country's carbon print. Compared to buying an ICE in the second-hand car market, Australians can buy new and efficient electric vehicles such as Tesla Model 3, benefiting from the progressive policies set by the government.

In addition to the government's structural changes and progressive policies, private companies have entered the scene, assisting homeowners in installing the necessary charging technology. All Electrical Plus is one of the companies that installs EV home chargers, assisting clients in saving money in the long run.

All Electrical Plus is located at 4 Kadigal Pl, Beacon Hill, NSW, 2100, AU. Visit the website for additional information regarding Electric vehicle home chargers and other services.

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