ACA Remodeling Inc, Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in West Chester, is Offering Basement Makeover Services in West Chester, PA

West Chester, PA: ACA Remodeling Inc offers different home makeover services to the West Chester community. The company serves both commercial and residential clients in renovating and repairing properties. In addition to its state-of-the-art services, the company has systems that make interactions with clients smooth and efficient.

The West Chester home remodeling company is now offering basement makeover services. It works with homeowners interested in adding bonus rooms by remodeling their basement. Clients interested in tailoring the basement to create a "man cave, a movie theater, or in-law suite can also contact the company for assistance. The company also takes special requests from clients interested in creating unique spaces through revamping their basement spaces.

Besides taking special requests, the ACA Remodeling Inc basement remodeling involves creating waterproofing solutions and custom lighting. The company also assists clients in drywall and ceiling installations. This team is also experienced in remodeling spaces that are mold and mildew-proof. The company has different presets if the client wants more customization in their basement regarding electrical and plumbing installations.

In addition to assisting clients to remodel their basements and create more space, ACA Remodeling Inc offers flooring services. It installs different flooring types. Currently, the company installs five kinds of floors in West Chester. Regardless of the client's carpeting needs, the company installs only high-end carpets. It also has experienced professionals that install hardwood floors, laminate floors, and vinyl floors. If a client needs tiles as a flooring alternative, the company selects the best alternative tile option based on the client's needs and the existing interior design.

Even with the expansion and offering more services, the company still offers kitchen remodeling services. Regardless of the kitchen size or the interior design, the remodeling experts offer different services, ranging from custom cabinetry to appliance and flooring installations. It also offers personalized backsplash design to clients interested in changing the kitchen mood without rebuilding it afresh.

The company also offers interior and exterior painting services to commercial and residential clients. ACA Remodeling Inc is home to licensed painting professionals that have experience in custom exterior and interior painting. They also offer color design consultation and decorative moldings to clients. Besides repainting homes and commercial properties, the company also provides drywall and stucco repair services and staining and refinishing services.

The ACA Remodeling Inc has a dedicated team that renovates commercial premises without affecting operations. Whether the client needs cubicle installation or restrooms remodel services, the company has experience doing extensive jobs without affecting the normal operations. Besides the basic installations and renovations, the company offers special services such as ADA-compliant ramps, new constructions, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Interested clients can call the team at (610) 692-7188 regarding any remodeling services. The offices are at 131 South Bolmar Street, Building A, West Chester, PA 19382. Check the website for more information on their services.