A Diamond in the Rough: Personalized Small Group Training Changes Lives and Offers Community in Midtown Manhattan

New York, NY - UpFit Training Academy is giving busy New Yorkers jaw-dropping results like never before. The top-rated small group and personal training facility focuses on delivering results through expert coaching, individualized programs, and a diehard community that offers accountability and support beyond standard 1-1 personal training relationships.

Westley Chow and Paul Park, co-founders & owners of the Midtown Manhattan based personal training studio call on their 30+ years of combined experience in the fitness industry stemming from luxury club management to Division 1 strength & conditioning. Their mission 'To be the most people-focused fitness business in the industry dedicated to empowering the modern individual' leans on its Triangle of Success. The triangle is made of expert coaches, individualized programming, and a super community creates a thriving environment based on trust, collaboration, and progress through REAL RESULTS.

The journey towards a better you at UpFit Training Academy begins with the 7-Day Jump Start program for $99. Evidence-based programs immediately boost metabolism, increase energy levels, and boost motivation; members see results from day 1. UpFit's signature Small Group Training Classes combine the individualization of personal training with the energy and camaraderie of the group for an unparalleled experience. Coaching programs are also offered in a virtual format for frequent travelers and those outside of NYC.

In an initial assessment, coaches take members through a movement screen to determine the biggest bang for your buck exercises and help set personal short and long-term goals based on each person's nutrition, lifestyle, and what they're aiming to do.

Community, accountability, and support are at the center of success with UpFit members. The coaching staff works tirelessly to ensure that members are always supported and given the tools to achieve success. Their unique six and 12-week team-based challenges for Small Group and Personal Training members help beginners and veterans work together to learn and build upon the nutrition and lifestyle habits needed to take control of their busy lives and develop lifelong skills that help with fat loss, muscle gain, and weight control. Virtual success sessions are another way to connect with the coaches and give members a chance to get personal attention and collaborate on all aspects of their program.

UpFit Training Academy is located at 119 West 30th Street, New York, NY 10001, USA. Their company phone number is (917) 979-9172.