New Small Business Enterprise Primabee Cbd Answers The Call For Proven Ultra Premium, Potent And Ethical Cannabis Products

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North Chatham, MA (Viz Release) December 9, 2020 – – Primabee CBD launched their ultra-premium CBD daily essentials brand today to give consumers a trustworthy line of hemp-derived products based on science, education and ethics. To that end, Primabee Pure Hemp CBD (cannabidiol) displays the brand’s commitment to quality, consistent purity and potency — down to each batch of their U.S.-grown-and-formulated CBD products — by providing consumers with QR code traceable third-party lab Certificates of Analysis that guarantee their products are free of heavy metals, bacteria, microbial life, mycotoxins and pesticide contaminants, while maintaining a consistent potency.

“As we were researching our CBD startup, we could see that the CBD space is widely unregulated and rife with companies offering substandard products of dubious origin. We wanted to educate consumers and raise their awareness of how to define ‘best-in-class’ CBD products when they’re shopping online. It is commonplace to see consumer concerns like ‘How are these products vetted? How do I know their potency claims are accurate and consistent?’” explained Primabee CBD Founder Paul Bordé. “That’s why we decided to prove our distinct value by putting our customers first by insisting on product quality transparency. We source our hemp from the most ethical U.S.-based farms, and our custom formulators were carefully chosen for creating the purest, properly potent, broad-spectrum CBD products on the market,” added CMO and Partner Stephen Crane.

At a time when Americans are faced with stressors at a 50+-year peak, it comes as no surprise that recent studies show the widespread U.S. adoption of calming, natural hemp-based products as a tool to address their daily wellness and self-care needs. Primabee’s Lo2NoTHC* CBD products are legal in all 50 states and do not give users the high or side effects of smoking marijuana. Users are discovering the nurturing benefits of CBD products for supporting daily self-care of calmness, sleep habits, energy management, pain relief, inflammation reduction, skin care, sexual health, epilepsy seizure reduction, and even calming dogs and cats.

Primabee CBD products are crafted in harmony with nature, USA-grown, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free, with prices ranging from $28.00 to $60.00. Their Prima Daily Wellness and Essentials products include:

– Maintenance + Essentials // Tinctures, Gelcaps, Gummies
– Calm + Chill // Tinctures, Gelcaps, Gummies, Salves
– Sleep + Dreams // Tinctures, Gel caps, Gummies
– Energy + Focus // Drinks, Power Shots, ZipFizz
– Happy Dog // Joint & Calming Support Treats, Tinctures, Sprinkle-ins
– Soothe + Hydrate // Lotions, Creams, Salves, Roll-ons
– Lip + Relief // Lip Balm Sticks, Lip Salve, Lip Gloss
– Sports + Recovery // Lotion, Roll-On

Ultra-premium Primabee CBD products including the holiday-themed Primabee & Cape Cod Lavender Farm Holiday Relaxation Collection are sold solely online at

*About Primabee Lo2NoTHC CBD

Primabee holds itself to the highest standards and this includes delivering effective and safe CBD products. Although none of Primabee CBD products contain detectable levels of THC, Primabee values clarity and people’s trust in our products and prioritizes transparency with customers. The fact is, when using any type of CBD product there is always a chance that miniscule traces of THC can be present. The legal limit is .3% THC or less according to the Hemp Farm Act of 2018. We work hard to provide you with the purest broad-spectrum CBD oil free of THC, however a positive drug test is always possible when taking any type of CBD product, regardless of THC levels. Please see our constantly updated third-party lab results on our site.

About Primabee CBD
Primabee and its employees are aligned with these core beliefs — living in harmony with nature, a desire to bring joy, happiness and wellness to the world, and their deep love of family, friends and, of course, our furry friends! With this as a firm foundation, Primabee is a socially and environmentally responsible company that positively impacts the self-care, health, harmony and wellness of people everywhere who are seeking to maximize their wellness and happiness. Just like the amazing honeybees that we’re named after, Primabee welcomes everyone as an integral part of their holistic ecosystem — from the growers at the most ethical hemp farms in the USA, to the custom formulators who create our uniquely pure bioavailable broad-spectrum CBD products on the market, to our staff and customers — we’re all family.

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Primabee CBD Answers the Call for Proven Ultra-Premium, Potent and Ethical Cannabis Products

Primabee CBD Cannabis ProductsPrimabee CBD Proven Ultra-Premium, Potent and Ethical Cannabis Products

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