The Society of Happy People encourages people to wear #SmileStarter masks that spread smiles in person and on social media – especially on Happiness Happens Day

DALLAS, TX (Viz Release) August 3, 2020 – – To help raise people’s spirits during these dispiriting times, the Society of Happy People (SOHP) is encouraging individuals around the world to make or find a mask that makes them – and others – smile, and to wear it proudly on Happiness Happens Day on August 8, during Happiness Happens Month in August, and any time they need a little positivity and joy in their lives.

“I know everyone would prefer not to need to wear masks right now, but it is the new socially responsible fashion accessory of 2020, so we might as well make it fun and happy,” said Pamela Gail Johnson, founder of the Society of Happy People. “Seeing someone else wear their mask should be a #SmileStarter for everyone because we know that person cares for others around them.”

Happiness Happens Month happy mask

“And because it can be more difficult to spot those smiles underneath our face masks – even though I have noticed more people ‘smiling’ with their eyes – let’s let our masks smile for us by choosing designs and colors that are happy, upbeat, funny and inspirational! Or you can even make one of your own like I did (”

Starting on August 1, the launch of Happiness Happens Month, Johnson is encouraging people in countries around the world to find (or make) a #SmileStarter mask that makes them smile and to post it on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.  SOHP’s goal is to fill social media and the streets with people wearing happy masks, particularly on the organization’s 22nd annual Happiness Happens Day on August 8.

“Let’s toast our 22nd Happiness Happens Day by embracing happy moments and celebrating those who bring us joy with smiles both beneath and on our #SmileStarter masks,” adds Johnson.

The Society of Happy People has thousands of happy members in 45 countries around the world. To become a member, visit

About the Society of Happy People

Founded on August 8, 1989 by Pamela Gail Johnson as the Secret Society of Happy People, the since-renamed Society of Happy People is a group of people that celebrates being happy, focuses on making the world a better place by sharing uplifting news, and helps others find more happiness.

Grounded on Pamela’s Four Happiness Principles – Happiness is Personal, Happiness Zappers Zap Everyone, Happiness Changes as You Change, and Happiness is Bigger Than You Think – the Society has identified 31 Types of Happiness and provides a Happiness Counter to make it easier to recognize moments of happiness. The Society send SOHP Weekly to its subscribers.

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