MSA Overcomes Poor Internet Connections with IronOrbit's INFINITY GPU-Accelerated Workspaces

MSA Overcomes Poor Internet Connections with IronOrbit's INFINITY GPU-Accelerated Workspaces

November 9, 2020 (Viz Release) Anaheim Hills, CA – – Specialized ICT powerhouse IronOrbit, has been commissioned by MSA Professional Services, an AEC Firm headquartered in Baraboo, WI, to provide their cloud-based GPU accelerated workspaces. With 18 offices scattered across the Midwest, MSA needed a cloud service provider that would deliver reliable solution with exceptional end-user experience to project teams in multiple locations. IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces, powered by proprietary SMX Speed Technology(TM) and coupled with subject matter expertise, was the quintessential combination to successfully transition MSA’s staff to a robust, reliable, and user-centric digital remote work environment.

Many of the company’s engineers live in rural areas where internet speeds are painfully slow. INFINITY Workspaces are optimized by IronOrbit’s proprietary SMX Speed Technology(TM) to overcome such local limitations, while delivering superior performance unrivaled by competitors. IronOrbit’s INFINITY Workspaces enables MSA to run business critical workloads and resource-intensive applications securely and seamlessly. As a result, MSA engineers enjoy powerful GPU Accelerated cloud workspaces with latency free, highspeed rendering capabilities, reliable 24/7 access, and real-time collaboration across project teams in multiple regions.

MSA achieved a monumental milestone towards its digital transformation strategy by partnering with IronOrbit. INFINITY Workspaces’ will empower MSA to increase productivity and do more for their clients through the use of its purpose-built cloud solutions designed to meet the demanding needs of AEC Firms. MSA Senior Systems Engineer, Mike Albitz, says, “When COVID-19 started, we were able to provide latency-free desktops to users with substandard home internet connections using IronOrbit. What started out as a move to optimize our business operations really ended up becoming a lifesaver for our organization. This is an invaluable option to keep our company productive during these unprecedented times.”

For MSA’s engineers and designers, it makes all the difference to have the ability to work, render, and collaborate on 3D models without suffering through lag times and slow file sharing. Alexander Saca, IronOrbit CEO, says, “This is a new era of remote work, bringing with it new challenges and new ways of thinking… We’ve innovated extremely optimized GPU-accelerated workspaces that provide high-speed access anywhere and from any device. IronOrbit is determined to offer the best of what cloud technology enables, and we are well equipped to serve the dynamic, remote-working needs of our clientele, like MSA”.

Earlier this year, IronOrbit announced that the company’s U.S. and Canadian data centers will all be using NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) technology. IronOrbit’s flagship GPU-powered INFINITY Workspaces enables clients to run GPU-intensive 3D visualization applications or programs on any connected device. IronOrbit INFINITY Workspaces are engineered for running the latest in computer graphics, including real-time interactive rendering, CAD and 3D modeling, simulation, animation and content creation. In addition, they allow for real-time collaboration with dispersed teams, improved productivity and robust version control.

MSA Professional Services, an employee-owned civil engineering, environmental and surveying firm, started in 1962; however, it’s roots date back to the 1930s when it was a rural land surveying company. The firm now consists of more than 350 engineers, architects, planners, funding experts, surveyors, and environmental scientists spread out over four states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois.


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