Global Trac Solutions (Stock Symbol: PSYC) is an Experienced Player in the Cannabis Industry, Gears Up for Opportunities in the Emerging Psychedelic Medicinal Field and Moves to Become a Fully Reporting Company

July 26, 2020 (Viz Release) – – Global Trac Solutions (OTC: PSYC) is a diversified holding company dedicated to identifying new and emerging industries. By utilizing years of business development expertise, the PSYC team of innovators continuously leverages experience to effectively execute go-to-market strategies in order to position for rapid growth through the creation of an evolving business foundation to enhance profitability potential.

– PSYC’s new social media channels are now live across platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn
– Long Established Expertise in the Administration of Cannabis Business Payments and Operations.
– New Commitment for Entry into the Lucrative Psychedelic Medicinal Field.
– Up to Date Audited Financials Completed and Filed, Plans to Become a Fully Reporting Company.
– Development of Monthly Newsletter to Support Psychedelic Products Business.

Since 2017, PSYC has been a pioneer in the emerging software and payment processing sector of the cannabis industry and has established itself as a trusted resource for businesses operating within the industry. Most recently, PSYC has expressed its intent and commitment to positioning itself at the forefront of the psychedelic revolution and as a resource center for discovering and understanding the latest research and business opportunities surrounding psychedelic inspired medicines. In conjunction with the FDA’s more open-minded approach to psychedelic medicines, and as several major U.S. cities continue to approve the decriminalization of psilocybin, investors are speculating that the psychedelic boom could be bigger than that of cannabis.

– PSYC Publishes 2019 Audited Financials, Paving the Way for Form 10 Filing to Become Fully Reporting

On May 18th PSYC announced successful completion of the audit of its 2019 financials and have made them available to the public on OTC markets. This move could also place the company in a much more competitive position with the potential to open doors to new partnerships and capital opportunities which the PSYC team will look to leverage as it moves full steam ahead with its foray into the booming medicinal psychedelic market space. The audit was made possible by a continuation of the capital support provided by a key investor in a significant show of support for the company’s psychedelics initiative. PSYC actually received additional funding at 10x valuation.

– Development of Monthly Newsletter to Support Entry Into Psychedelics Business Space

On May 5th PSYC announced it is in the process of actively exploring options to assemble a network of industry experts and other likeminded individuals, whom the company will rely on to develop original content for its forthcoming PYSC website and newsletters.

To prepare for the company’s intended push in to the medicinal psychedelics space, the PSYC team is currently dedicating time and energy towards identifying experts and individuals it will likely collaborate with over the coming months in an effort to provide PSYC with news and content that is entirely exclusive. In addition to providing an informational hub for all developments related to this emerging industry, these experts will supply readers with original content and analysis to help them understand these developments via subscriber newsletters and regularly updated web portals.

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