CI Investments, SFO, CIO and Executive Director, Gordon Grant Curtis to present at IM|Power Conference in Monaco

October 1, 2020 (Viz Release) – – Gordon Curtis leads a sophisticated single-family office organization in western Europe. On October 8, he will present virtually at the live IM|Power conference in Monaco about the strategies that the single-family office uses to increase and sustain best-in-class returns on their investments despite pandemic challenges.

IM|Power, hosting an onsite multi-day event in Monaco from 5-8 October, a 1-day event in Hong Kong and a series of digital events will gather together 2000+ investment and wealth management experts. The event will take place 5 – 16 October.

“I’m really excited to be presenting at the IM|Power conference and talk about demonstrable investment activities relevant to HNWIs and SFOs. Gladly, we are seeing a lot of volatility in the markets, ripe for tactical but focused navigation strategies that continue to prove effective. The markets continue to provide many opportunities and it’s important to be poised to take advantage of them” stated Mr. Curtis.

CI Investments, SFO continues to be a thought leader in the family office world on many fronts including the integration of strategic incentives for future generations; sophisticated and proactive family security measures; and cohesive interactive, team building events that forge and preserve intra-family relationships.