California's All-in-One UIDDA Subpoena Domestication Company, Process Server One, Now Serves Nationwide


January 25, 2021 (Viz Release) – – Process Server One is the only California-based all-in-one process service company following the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act (UIDDA) to safely and securely deliver legal forms across state lines in the U.S. For 30+ years Process Server One has led law firms, businesses, and insurance companies to victory in United States courts through in-depth knowledge of the legal system learned from first-hand experience.

Any time legal papers cross borders they must be domesticated and/or translated to fit the new jurisdiction’s requirements. We complete a high volume of subpoena domestication assignments because it’s very common for criminals to cross borderlines seeking protection or privacy from the law. That’s where the all-in-one process service company, Process Server One, comes in. A fast and free consultation with our licensed legal professionals provides tips and tricks to find justice in any specific case.

There may be language needs to address or formatting changes to make (which, if done incorrectly, can be rejected by a judge). In these instances, our three decades of experience separate us from similar companies. We even domesticate and serve legal forms to be served in other countries, or inter-state for U.S.cases.

In addition to nationwide and international process service, we know just where to look to track, trace, and locate any person or business in the U.S when a defendant disappears. We also search through county record databases and consult with our nationwide network of attorneys, process servers, and private investigators to make new relevant discoveries for clients’ lawsuits.

As the only all-in-one legal support service serving all 50 states and other nations, our licensed attorneys, process servers, private investigators, and paralegals are ready to give free suggestions. Simply request a free consultation using our website

See why American government agencies, insurance companies, law firms, and corporations are switching to Process Server One to serve personal and record subpoenas, judgments, arbitration awards and more by speaking with the pros yourself. Call 855-545-1303 for a free consultation today.