What is a VPN, and what does it do on a Firestick?

You may have heard that you should get a VPN — a virtual private network — for your Firestick, but you aren’t too sure what it is or what it can do for you.
What is a VPN?
In the context of a Firestick, a VPN is a simple piece of software that encrypts your data before it reaches your internet provider, then routes it through one of its own servers for added security and privacy.
Your internet service provider (ISP) is like the postal service, so they’re responsible for delivering your packages to the right places and getting your mail back to you when it comes.
A VPN is like an intermediary shipping service.
Then, when you get packages back, the VPN provider again obscures their contents and receives them for you, delivering them to your door, where you use a special key to open them.
What does a VPN do on a Firestick?
One of the main benefits of a Firestick is easy access to apps like Netflix and Hulu on any TV.
With a VPN, you can spoof your location to make it look like you’re watching from almost anywhere.
A lot of users have decided to use VPNs to hide their Kodi activity from their ISPs.
Now, this isn’t to encourage you to do anything that might violate any laws or service agreements.
This is just to give you an idea of how others are using VPNs to enhance the Firestick experience.