This massive ethical hacking training bundle is on sale for less than $45

TL;DR: As of Jan. 15, you can get The All-In-One 2022 Super-Sized Ethical Hacking Bundle, worth $3,284, for just $42.99 — that's over 98% off.
There are tons of high-paying IT skills you could chase, but none have more potential than cybersecurity.
It’s poised to be one of the fastest-growing and best-paid careers out there in the coming years.
The All-in-One 2022 Super-Size Ethical Hacking Bundle is less than $45 and could help you get your foot in the door in the cybersecurity field, with an emphasis on ethical hacking.
It packs 18 courses taught by IT professionals with decades of combined experience and a variety of disciplines under their belts.
And in just over 130 hours, they’ll cover every corner of the cybersecurity world — from Python 3 to complete NMAP.
You’ll begin with a course on Python, where you’ll learn to code your own penetration testing tools and create other projects from scratch.
Then you’ll dive into more hacking courses to put your skills into practice.
Each course is hands-on, so you’ll actually learn while doing things yourself, not just watching someone else.
From BitNinja to Metasploit, you’ll touch on every weapon an ethical hacker should have in their toolbox.
And top-rated instructors like penetration tester Aleksa Tamburkovski and senior information security consultant Gabriel Avramescu will leave no stone unturned.
This massive bundle is valued at over $3,000, but for a limited time — and just in time for the cybersecurity boom — you can sign up for only $42.99.