The Nutribullet food processor will become your new favorite sous-chef

Nutribullet — the brand known for its compact portable blenders — entered the full-size food processing game with their new 7-cup food processor, launched in November 2021.
I set out to see if the Nutribullet food processor is as reliable, powerful, and worth the money as the brand's blenders and air fryer by working my way through every single attachment and setting.
How does the Nutribullet food processor work?
The Nutribullet 7-cup food processor comes with the following:450-watt motor base7-cup work bowllid with a feed chutedual-size food pusherchopping bladedough bladespiralizer discreversible thick slice and shred discreversible thin slice and shred discThe Nutribullet food processor comes with tons of accessories.
Assembly and storage of the Nutribullet food processorIn terms of assembly and disassembly, the Nutribullet food processor is extremely user-friendly.
You can choose from two different storage options: the chopping blade, dough blade, and both of the slice/shred discs, or the chopping blade, dough blade, one of the slice/shred discs, and the spiralizer disc.
Cleaning the Nutribullet food processorIf the thought of cleaning a food processor has kept you from buying one so far, you're in luck.
Every single piece that comes in the Nutribullet food processor box (aside from the motor base, obviously) is top rack dishwasher safe.
Testing the Nutribullet food processorYou might be asking what you can make with a food processor but the real question is: What can't you make?
If you're looking for uniform slices, this food processor will do it better than you can with a knife.
Is the Nutribullet food processor worth it?
The Nutribullet 7-Cup Food Processor has a retail price of $119.99, so it's sitting right within the average price range, but comes with significantly more accessories.