The Brrrn Board lets you work out by 'ice skating' in your living room

TL;DR: As of Jan. 15, you can take 10% off the Brrrn Board (6-Foot Adjustable Slideboard) with the code SLIDE6 and get it for $269.99 instead of $299.99.
Looking to change up the way you get your heart pumping in 2022?
The Brrrn Board is probably the most interesting equipment you'll find.
The Brrrn Board is a six-foot adjustable slideboard made with a custom polymer blend and natural rubber wood.
It has an ultra-slick surface and comes with a pair of slide booties and mittens, which you wear to, quite literally, slide across the board.
If the boring ol’ treadmill and elliptical just aren’t doing it for you anymore, the Brrrn Board offers a fun new way to get some intense cardio in.
It’s basically like ice skating in your living room.
If you’re unsure how to get started, the Brrrn on-demand introductory class will get you sliding like a champ.
Then you can choose from hundreds of on-demand workouts in eight different categories to expand your horizons — from cardio, slide, and sculpt, to more intense options like “brrrnouts” and bootcamp.
Sliding actions like this help minimize joint stress while simultaneously helping to improve balance, mobility, and endurance through lateral movement.
When you finish up a workout, the Brrrn Board easily slips underneath your couch or bed until it's time for another sweat session.
When we featured the Brrrn Board back in July, it was discounted 10% for a limited time.