'Poker Face' review: Rian Johnson and Natasha Lyonne deliver marvelous murder-mystery mayhem

As a mystery series created by Rian Johnson, Poker Face is guaranteed to be compared to Knives Out and Glass Onion.
If anything, Poker Face is those movies' grittier, spunkier cousin.
Knives Out and Glass Onion take luxury vacations; Poker Face leaves on a spontaneous road trip.
The similarities between both sets of projects truly end at "murder mystery."
And Poker Face cements itself as a gem in its own right.
Poker Face draws on shows like Columbo to create something new.
The most obvious comparison is to long-running detective show Columbo, which Poker Face clearly pays homage to throughout.
However, Poker Face adds an extra twist.
Poker Face works wonders within these constraints.
Her steadfast moral compass and unconventional tactics make her the perfect heart of Poker Face and a blast to watch.
Between countless killers and clues, Poker Face spins a lot of plates, but it never feels overloaded.
The first four episodes of Poker Face hit Peacock Jan. 26, with new episodes streaming weekly every Thursday.