Best record players for lovers of vinyl

This is a large part of why record players have not disappeared, even as music has gone more digital.
Of course, record players aren’t just popular with audiophiles willing to spend hundreds (or thousands) of pounds on a luxury record player.
As a result, there are a variety of different record players available on the market at the moment — and a whole range of prices.
Direct drive record players are durable since the belt won’t wear out and are reliable.
Connectivity — Traditionally, record players needed to have their output boosted by a phono preamp, but this is an additional expense.
Some newer record players offer Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can connect them to your Bluetooth smart speakers.
Playback Speeds — Vinyl record players’ speeds are measured in rpm, which stands for revolutions per minute.
Today, you need a special needle to play a 78 rpm record — which means not all record players can play at this faster speed.
While there are a lot of expensive, premium record players that can range in price from £150 to £1,500, there is a big market for budget record players that might appeal to a more general audience.
These record players aren’t for true audiophiles — the sound won’t be as rich — because they are designed for the casual listener or student.
There are a lot of great record players out there from top brands, so it can tricky to find the best device for you.
These are the best record players in 2022.