Minecraft Mob Vote Compared To Pokémon Starter Choices

Mojang recently revealed the three new Minecraft mobs available for Minecraft Live 2021’s mob vote, and one Reddit user compared the options to Pokémon starter choices.
Mojang did the same thing last year, allowing the community to pick Minecraft’s new mob during Minecraft Live 2020.
For this year’s Minecraft mob vote, Mojang first introduced the Glare, a passive mob that shows players dark spots where other mobs can spawn.
Following the announcement of the vote, Minecraft’s new mobs were compared to Pokémon starter choices.
Underneath each mob was a description that compared them to the starter choices available at the beginning of Pokémon video games.
This piece of artwork prompted other Reddit users to note the resemblance between the three mob choices and starter Pokémon.
Starter Pokémon are the Pokémon a trainer picks at the beginning of their adventure.
In most mainline games in the franchise (though not all of them), trainers get to choose between three starter Pokémon.
Usually, the three starter Pokémon to choose from fall into either grass, fire, or water types.
Sometimes, like with Bulbasaur, the starter Pokémon will have a secondary type.
It’s certainly possible that Mojang took a bit of inspiration from Pokémon to design the three mob choices for this year’s Minecraft Live event.
As for which mob will join the ranks in a future update, fans will have to cast their vote on October 16 when Minecraft Live 2021 begins.