Off-duty NYPD officer allegedly shot partner in tangled love triangle

An off-duty NYPD officer shot her partner Wednesday evening in Brooklyn over a possible love triangle, which resulted in at least one homicide.
Officers responded to a 911 call of shots fired in Bensonhurst around 5 p.m. and found Officer Yvonne Wu, who said she shot someone.
Officers found two victims inside a home.
Wu, 31, is a five-and-a-half year veteran of the department.
Investigators are exploring the possibility that Wu and one of the victims, a 23-year-old woman, may have been in a romantic relationship, Spectrum News 1 reported.
The victim was found with another woman, Jamie Liang, 24.
Liang had been shot in the chest, possibly more than once, and was pronounced dead shortly after 5:55 p.m.OFF-DUTY LA COP SHOT, SUSPECT IN CUSTODYAssistant Chief Michael Kemper said that Wu "confessed."
"That’s all I’m going to say," Kemer said at a press conference.
5 PEOPLE KILLED IN 5-HOUR SPAN IN INDIANAPOLIS, HOMICIDE RATE OUTPACING 2020 RECORDThe 23-year-old victim was shot once in the torso and is expected to survive.
Officers said it was her home in which the shooting occurred, but that Wu did not live with her.
However, Wu may have waited inside the home for the other women to arrive, ABC 7 reported.
CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPOfficials say the case is being handled as a homicide, domestic in nature.