Iowa teen 'covered in blood' admits to killing parents with knife and axe, police say

An Iowa teenager found by police soaked in blood is charged with killing his parents with a knife and axe because he wanted to "take charge of his life," authorities said.
Ethan Orton, 17, told Cedar Rapids police officers he killed his parents when they responded to his home just after 2 a.m Thursday following reports of a suspicious person in the area, the department said.
He was found sitting outside the home "covered in blood."
"I don't know if he was expecting the police to come, when we arrived the officer who encountered him first, described him as being calm," Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman told KWWL-TV.
After checking on Orton, the teen allegedly told officers he had killed his parents.
Inside the home, the officers found the parents deceased in the living room.
They were identified as Casey Arthur Orton, 42, and 41-year-old Misty Dawn Scott Slade.
Charging documents obtained by KWWL said Orton used a knife to stab his parents.
He then allegedly used an axe to kill his mother when he realized she was still alive.
"And here it is in our neighborhood, and we have a nice neighborhood.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe slaying came a month after a 20-year-old man was charged with killing his parents and sister in Cedar Rapids.
Alex Jackson, a college student, initially told investigators a masked intruder committed the triple murder before he was arrested and charged.