El Paso mayor, residents react to migrant crisis as thousands cross border

The recent surge of migrants across the southern border has strained city resources and homeless shelters in El Paso, but residents Fox News spoke with were split on whether the increase is cause for concern.
Residents of the border city are used to migrants filtering through, but have noticed an increase in the last few months.
Last week, photos showed crowds of migrants camped out on city streets as local homeless shelters ran out of room.
Carmen told Fox News she's "very disappointed" with the city's response.
El Paso has also sent more than 80 busloads of migrants to New York City and Chicago as of Thursday, Deputy City Manager Mario D’Agostino told Fox News.
TEXAS BORDER MAYOR BLAMES BOTH PARTIES FOR MIGRANT CRISIS"We would never use people as pawns to send them anywhere else," Leeser said.
"If they don't, then they should provide some kind of shelter right here in El Paso until they can get on their feet," he said.
Jose told Fox News he knows the influx of migrants is "a burden for the city," but said America has played a role in destabilizing Latin American governments for decades.
NBC NATIONAL SECURITY ANALYST CAUTIONS AGAINST CALLING DESANTIS MIGRANT STUNT 'HUMAN TRAFFICKING'Jose described the strain on shelters and the city as a "temporary discomfort."
Jose's son, Jose Jr., told Fox News he thinks Americans across the country should welcome migrants into their communities.
"Having people on the street would not be what you would want to do in your community," he said.
"El Paso is one of the safest cities in the country and will continue to be."