Dukakis calls progressive 'defund the police' push 'nuts,' says it takes away from proven community policing

As departments were scaled back, and crime rates soared in cities like New York and Chicago, community policing has taken a hit.
Building an excellent police force that it committed to community policing does make sense," Dukakis told Fox News.
BIDEN SCORCHES ‘DEFUND POLICE’ MOVEMENT BY PUMPING FUNDS BACK TO NYC"Look, there were some people who started talking about defunding the police.
Bratton cut the number of homicides in half in New York City in just a two-year period, Dukakis said, before Giuliani fired him.
Bratton later became chief of police in Los Angeles, where he again applied the concepts of community policing by reaching out to American civil rights activist Connie Rice.
Once a staunch critic of the LAPD, she grew to become one of Bratton’s bigger supporters, Dukakis said.
"But the idea that you can somehow walk away from community policing, if that’s what some of the advocates of defunding are talking about, makes no sense to me at all.
"I’m a very proud progressive, and I’m a strong believer in community policing," Dukakis added.
"Most of the people who I know who call themselves genuine progressives understand the importance of community policing."
That compares to New York City, which has seen 233 murders so far this year through July 18.
In 2020, murders in New York City were up 47% compared to 2019.
"The day-to-day, week-to-week ongoing relationship with the community is critical," Dukakis said.