Debbie Collier case: 2021 Georgia bodycam shows daughter's boyfriend accuse her of stealing cash to buy drugs

DEBBIE COLLIER MURDER: THREATENING NOTE AGAINST FAMILY REVEALED: REPORTDeputies found Collier stripped naked at the bottom of an embankment off a rural highway 60 miles from her home in Athens – lying on her back with her hand grasping at a tree – and with "charring" on her abdomen.
There were remnants of a fire nearby as well as a partially burnt blue tarp and a red tote bag.
DEBBIE COLLIER MURDER: DAUGHTER WHO RECEIVED $2.3K VENMO BEFORE MOM'S MURDER HAS CRIMINAL HISTORYOn Sept. 4, 2021, Giegrich showed up at her doorstep in violation of the restraining order, according to police documents.
He told responding officers that she’d been stealing his paychecks directly.
"I've been arrested before – the last time I got arrested because they falsified whatever, I mean her mom," he said.
He told the officer that he had even taken care of Bearden after she'd been struck by a car.
Police ultimately arrested Giegerich for violating the order, and he began crying when they took him into handcuffs.
He could be heard telling the arresting officers that it wasn't fair and asked if he could just go home.
DEBBIE COLLIER MURDER: GEORGIA WOMAN REVEALED BLACK EYE AFTER 2020 ‘FALL’In the ride to county jail, he appeared agitated in the backseat, banging against the cage and sobbing and concerned he’d be locked up "until November."
Giegerich maintained throughout the conversation that he does not use drugs but he believed Bearden was using his money to buy "dope."
"She’s probably on drugs now," he told police outside the home, minutes before they handcuffed him.
Anyone with information on Collier’s case is asked to contact Habersham Sheriff’s Investigators Cale Garrison or George Cason at 706-839-0559 or 706-839-0560, respectively.