NJ hospital system threatening to fire unvaccinated employees faces backlash

Unvaccinated healthcare workers are sparking outrage after receiving an ultimatum from their employer.
Hackensack Meridian Health, one of the largest hospital organizations in New Jersey, is making its employees choose: get vaccinated or be terminated.
Amanda Heim is a licensed practical nurse for a Hackensack Meridian hospital and one of the employees facing termination for her decision to not be vaccinated, she told Fox News.
Heim is one of the many Americans who don't trust the available COVID-19 vaccines despite assurances from federal health officials that they're safe and effective.
"I don't want to be vaccinated right now because I personally feel it is too soon," she said.
It finally got so bad that I had to go to the hospital, and I had an immediate emergency C-section.
WHITE HOUSE WEIGHS PUSHING MASKS AS COVID CASES INCREASEHeim said it took three days before she could see her baby boy.
Adm. Brett Giroir, a former White House COVID-19 task force member during the Trump administration, shared a similar stance.
"The CDC has strongly recommended vaccines for healthcare workers so [healthcare employers] have a reasonable basis to require the vaccinations," Turley said.
The action by Hackensack Meridian Health has many questioning what will happen once, and if, the vaccine receives full FDA approval.
Fox News reached out to Hackensack Meridian Health but has not received a comment back.
The Biden administration missed its goal to have 70% of the population vaccinated by July 4th weekend.