COVID-19 vaccine trials in kids 5 and up begin

Seven-year-old Russell Bright squeezed his dad’s hand tightly as tests of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine started Monday in Louisiana for children ages 5 through 11.
Children held stuffed animals, played under chairs and a few cried at Ochsner Medical Center, just outside New Orleans.
Their temperature and blood pressure were checked, their noses swabbed and their blood drawn for tests.
Finally, they got a shot of either the vaccine or a placebo.
Ochsner is among 98 facilities in 26 states, the District of Columbia, Finland, Poland and Spain where the tests are taking place or planned.
INDIA CAUTIOUSLY STARTS TO OPEN UP AS CORONAVIRUS CASES DECLINEFamilies won’t know for six months whether their children actually were vaccinated.
At that point, children who didn't get the vaccine will have the chance to do so.
The Pfizer vaccine was approved May 10 for children aged 12-15.
"I want to do my part and have my kids do their part," he said.
Five-year-old Kalil Chaudhry-Halperin held a stuffed toy Bruni — the lizard-like fire spirit in the movie Frozen 2 — as he waited at Ochsner.
CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGEAdam Bright said he’s confident the Pfizer vaccine is safe, especially after seeing how smoothly vaccinations seem to be going for the next age group up.
Russell said he hopes that if and when the vaccine is cleared for emergency use for kids his age, they'll take advantage of the chance.