'Wheel of Fortune' host Vanna White: Top headline grabbing moments

Vanna White has graced television screens as co-host of "Wheel of Fortune" for over four decades.
"Vanna White in her Marvel superhero outfit tonight," one tweet read.
INSIDE THE 'WHEEL OF FORTUNE' CO-HOST'S WARDROBE"What’s the big deal, she looks great in this dress.
That was a one-time mistake, thanks to "Wheel of Fortune" turning their letters digital in 1997.
'WHEEL OF FORTUNE' HOST PAT SAJAK RECOVERING FROM EMERGENCY SURGERY, VANNA WHITE TO FILL INInitially, White was surprised the "Wheel of Fortune" producers wanted her to host the show.
40 years on ‘Wheel of Fortune’"Wheel of Fortune" first went on the air in 1975 with White joining in 1982.
The official "Wheel of Fortune" Instagram account also posted its own tribute to White, sharing a behind-the-scenes video of the moment the crew surprised her with the cake.
Thinking of the day she'll say goodbyeAfter four decades, Vanna is having a tough time thinking about the end of her time on "Wheel of Fortune."
White revealed that it is hard for her to visualize what "Wheel of Fortune" will look like without either host.
Everybody relates ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to Pat and Vanna.
Looking back on her time on the show, White said she is grateful for the past 40 years as co-host of "Wheel of Fortune."