Science prof blasts green activists who 'clearly don't believe' climate doom, 'robbing' young people of hope

I'm like, wait a minute, do these people really believe that the planet is going to end in eight or 10 or 12 years?
We're robbing these young people of their ambition and their hope.
"The scientific community should be the first ones to say, 'whoa, whoa, whoa, some of these claims are absolutely absurd.'
"The anxiety level of young people, you know COVID obviously added to that, but when it comes to climate, it's through the roof," he said.
Young people are honestly deciding not to raise families now because of climate.
So when you start to speak up about this, the funding agencies are very clear that they have a single narrative.
Whether it's climate, whether it's DEI, if you're not toeing the line on that narrative, you're not gonna get the funding.
"The rise of illiberalism in the name of DEI is the antithesis of the principles that universities were founded on.
"Contributing to this is the earth science communities silence on the false ‘climate emergency’ narrative.
Members of the community routinely discuss the mental health effects of climate catastrophism but dare not speak out lest they lose their positions and research funds."
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The University of Alabama is a public research university that serves over 38,000 students.