Mayor Eric Adams continues to press Biden on border crisis: 'I want to put out the fire'

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, D., demanded more action from the Biden White House and a "short term" solution to the border crisis and the "over-proliferation" of migrants in cities across the country.
"Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough asked Adams about the seriousness of the crisis at the southern border following his trip to El Paso, Texas.
Adams said it was unfair for cities to "carry the weight of a national problem" and added that New York City had to open four more emergency hotels.
Scarborough also asked what he told White House officials about "bringing more order to the border."
"In coordination, I was told we have an individual that is coordinating the operation, and as I shared with White House officials, why don’t I know who that is?
TEXAS REPUBLICANS DEMAND BIDEN REIMBURSE STATE FOR BORDER EFFORTS, SEEK MEETING ON ENDING CRISISDuring a question and answer session at City Hall on Jan. 18, Adams called for the appointment of a "national czar" to address the border crisis.
President Biden tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to lead White House efforts and address the root causes of the crisis in March 2021.
The lack of coordination is really causing this to be hit by certain cities," Adams said.
Adams has repeatedly said that there was "no more room" for asylum seekers in New York City.
BIDEN ADMIN FACING THIRD YEAR OF CRISIS AT THE SOUTHERN BORDER WITH UNCERTAIN IMMIGRATION POLICIES IN 2023Biden visited the border for the first time since taking office on Jan. 8.
Adams requested $1 billion in emergency funding from the Biden administration in December as they were struggling to house more than 30,000 migrants in the city.
CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPAdams said earlier in January that the migrant crisis was a "real embarrassment" on a "national level."