Mary Tyler Moore ‘was nearly blinded’ by diabetes in her final years as she fought the disease: husband

Mary Tyler Moore, who lit up the screen with her million-watt smile during the ‘60s and ‘70s, was left nearly in the dark during the final months of her life.
The actress, who starred in "The Dick Van Dyke Show" before charming audiences with her spunk in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," was left nearly blind from a decades-long battle with diabetes.
"Over time, she suffered many of the complications of diabetes," Moore’s husband, Dr. Robert Levine, told Fox News Digital.
BETTY WHITE’S ‘MARY TYLER MOORE’ CASTMATE DETAILS THEIR BOND: ‘SHE GAVE ME PERMISSION TO TELL NAUGHTY JOKES’Moore is the subject of a new documentary premiering May 26 on HBO titled "Being Mary Tyler Moore."
It also features rare footage of the "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" test pilot.
He insisted college and medical school kept him away from watching TV shows like "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."
After a second visit, Levine advised Moore, "If you need anything, just give me a call."
‘MARY TYLER MOORE’ STAR CLORIS LEACHMAN’S DAUGHTER RECALLS GROWING UP WITH THE LATE ACTRESS: ‘SHE WAS BRAVE’"I came into this project having never seen a frame of anything she had ever done in her life," he explained.
On "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," Moore played Mary Richards, a confident Minneapolis TV news producer who was comfortable being single in her 30s.
"Mary was just an enormous role model for an entire community of people with diabetes," said Levine.
"I want the world to remember Mary as someone always willing to offer a smile," he said.
But the thing that I want people to remember about Mary is her spirit of beacon, her smile eternal.