Maine conservation, labor groups make push for offshore wind power in the state

Conservation and labor groups are making a big push for offshore wind power in Maine via a proposed law that would boost the state's energy production.
Maine has a plan for a floating offshore wind research array off its coast, and the proposal is moving through government approvals.
Production of offshore wind energy in Maine's likely still years away.
But a proposal before the Maine Legislature would require state authorities to procure 2.8 gigawatts of wind energy over the next 12 years.
That's enough power for nearly a million homes in a state that has fewer than 1.4 million residents.
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The proposal also has the backing of the Natural Resources Council of Maine and Maine State Building & Construction Trades Council.
Janet Mills is also a supporter of wind power, and has sought to balance the growth of the industry with commercial fishing interests.
She signed off on a prohibition of offshore wind project s in the state's nearshore waters in 2021.