Liberal magazine writer 'thankful' for abortions on Thanksgiving

As Americans gathered around the dinner table with loved ones this Thanksgiving, one liberal magazine shared stories from women who say they are thankful for having had abortions.
The Nation published the article Thursday morning titled "We're Thankful for our Abortions."
In it, writer Nikiya Natale interviews women who say having had an abortion (in some cases more than one) has given them opportunities in life they wouldn’t have otherwise had.
The writer counters those who say they are pro-choice, but that abortions are not to be celebrating, insisting she is thankful "for both of my abortions."
She says her abortions have allowed her to plan for a pregnancy and have a child on her own terms.
Another woman from New Jersey tells her that having multiple abortions has allowed her to finish college and start a small business.
"I have deep gratitude that I was able to make a decision that was good for me," she says.
She told the staff that she wanted to be "somebody’s person" to help patients conflicted about the "stigma against multiple abortions."
A woman from Texas says she had her first abortion at 21 and her second after she became pregnant eight years later.
"I struggled through the morning sickness and the realization that some part of me still believed abortions had to be justified," she says.
The women shared advice on how to break the news to their loved ones who may be pro-life.
That puts the abortion debate squarely on the states to navigate and rework the patchwork of laws that have been in place since Roe.