How to reverse your biological age and feel younger without spending a fortune

If living a long and healthy life is a goal, there are steps you can take to turn back the clock.
TOM BRADY REVEALS HE DOESN'T 'EAT MUCH BREAD' AND EXPERTS SAY IT CAN KEEP YOU YOUNGFitzgerald told Fox News Digital that motherhood and reports on American life expectancy going down inspired her to study biological aging.
"Our biological age is moving faster in this country than our chronological age," Fitzgerald said.
"And those last 16 years are spent with at least one – and for most of us – two diagnoses of chronic disease.
While stats show Americans are biologically aging at a faster rate, Fitzgerald’s research indicates there are ways it can be slowed down, and the process is surprisingly simple and cost-effective.
AGE-DEFYING LIFESTYLE AUTHOR LOOKS DECADES YOUNGER THAN HE ISHave a nutritious dietWhen it comes down to reversing your biological age, Fitzgerald recommends shifting your everyday diet to include nutritious foods, herbs and spices.
On a brighter note, the exercises that are helpful to reducing bio age aren’t necessarily intense.
Reduce your stressAside from diet, stress is a leading cause of premature aging, Fitzgerald told Fox.
But, research also shows that reversing that stress like engaging in meditation or maybe yoga or tai chi – have really good effects on our genetic expression like contributing to that biologically younger profile."
"Sleep – if it's good, quality will keep us biologically younger," Fitzgerald said.
"If we're not sleeping well, we will change our genetic expression towards something that increases our risk of chronic diseases, which in turn increases our biological age."
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