'Gutfeld!' on Trump, DeSantis and MAGA Republicans

That's right.
I'm going to have it on repeat all night, Tyrus, in the hot tub.
I'm going to have all the candidates rap their -- rap their --(CROSSTALK)TYRUS: That's what 16 bars means, Gutfeld.
I think -- I think -- I think that Nikki Haley was incredibly effective governor of South Carolina.
GUTFELD: Yes, yes.
When you're righteous, and like you're, you're railing against somebody who's been caught in an affair or doing something freaky.
BAKER: Yes, yes.
Weather man, they don't have a --TYRUS: I don't, I don't know Gutfeld.
TYRUS: Yes, yes, I don't like apartments, I don't do apartments.
Now, if I'm her parent, I'm going to be a little upset reading this story.
GUTFELD: Yes, yes, maybe that's just a cover, Kat.
GUTFELD: Yes, that's actually the unspoken part of this story.