Trump argues January 6 committee could damage the presidency in quest for his records

(CNN) Former President Donald Trump is accusing the House select committee investigating January 6 of being so aggressive in its pursuit of his White House records that it could permanently damage the presidency, according to a court filing from his legal team on Wednesday.
Trump is appealing a lower court's decision that his records should be turned over to the committee.
The Biden administration and the US House are unified in opposing the former President's efforts to keep the records secret, arguing that more than 700 pages including White House call logs and notes from his top advisers should be available to the probe.
A federal appeals court will hear oral arguments on November 30 in the historic case.
"The Appellees' clear disdain for President Trump is leading them to a course of action that will result in permanent damage to the institution of the presidency," lawyers for Trump wrote in their reply brief to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday.
"A current president cannot destroy the confidentiality of Executive Branch communications and the important reliance interests attached to that confidentiality for his own political advantage to the detriment of his predecessors and successors," they continued.