Oregon House of Representatives expels lawmaker after video shows him appearing to tell protesters how to breach the state Capitol

(CNN) The Oregon state representative who faced backlash after a video surfaced of him appearing to tell protesters how to get access to the closed state Capitol has been expelled from the Oregon House of Representatives.
Rep. Mike Nearman, a Republican, was expelled from the legislative body on Thursday night with a bipartisan vote of 59-1 on House Resolution 3, a press release from House Speaker Tina Kotek said.
Nearman was the only no vote.
According to the resolution, Nearman "engaged in disorderly behavior" during a special session held on December 21.
It also outlines findings from an independent investigator who found that Nearman "intentionally aided demonstrators in breaching Capitol security and gaining unauthorized access to the Capitol, leading to injury and property destruction."
The resolution provides details on a recently surfaced video reported by Oregon Public Broadcasting, which appeared to show Nearman telling a group of protesters how to gain access to the state Capitol "with assistance from someone already inside."
At the time, access to the Capitol had been limited to "authorized personnel" only due to Covid restrictions.
The resolution also provided details on security camera footage which it said showed Nearman pushing the door open as he exited the building and stepped around a demonstrator "who rushed past him into the building, followed closely by a second demonstrator who held the door open for numerous other demonstrators, who also rushed in," on December 21.