In one morning, the Supreme Court looked to rid itself of the Trump era

Trump lost badly in the election and tax returns cases, and the Supreme Court made clear it wanted nothing to do with the case brought by the adult-film actress.
Trump said, for instance, that the court had to show "great Courage & Wisdom" to "save the USA."
At another point, after a loss in a dispute related to Texas, he said the court "really let us down."
But still, the justices witnessed Trump supporters storming the Capitol, across the street from their own headquarters.
And although the Supreme Court was never breached, the building is now surrounded by high fences erected after the riot.
But without comment, the court denied six other appeals concerning the election, one brought by Trump's own lawyers.
Referring to the investigation into his tax records, he added, "The Supreme Court never should have let this fishing expedition happen, but they did."
The lower courts ruled against Trump again, catapulting the case back to the high court.
After the election, Trump spoke vehemently about election fraud even without success in the courts.
On Monday, the Supreme Court's message was clear: We are staying out of the 2020 election.
But again, it was the Supreme Court that put up a stop sign, refusing to review the lower court decision that went against Clifford.
In another order without comment, the court indicated it wasn't interested in reviewing another part of Trump's life.