Goodbye campaign buttons, hello NFTs: Democrats turn to internet phenomenon to raise money

Washington (CNN) A new group this week launched an NFT platform to raise money for progressive campaigns, causes and candidates, capitalizing on the recent cryptocurrency phenomenon.
Since the Texas Democrats' rebellion, the GOP-controlled state legislature has passed laws restricting access to the ballot box, limiting abortion and restricting discussions of race and history in schools.
Front Row told CNN that with its first auction, it hopes to raise money to elect more Democrats to the Texas legislature and fight back against the recent laws, which Butterworth called "draconian."
"It's a new opportunity for us to potentially reach donors that maybe we weren't reaching in our conventional ways.
And it's exciting to be a part of something that is at the forefront of technology and commerce," she said.
The new platform for Democratic fundraising, which was first reported by Axios , comes following a political awakening in the crypto world.
The amended language did not end up in the version of the bill that went to the House.
Front Row is not the first group to use NFTs for political purposes.
"We are trying to marry these two things so that everyone is able to participate," he said.
The goal of transparent giving comes at a time when the future of campaign finance revisions is up in the air.
Democrats sought to include campaign finance as part of their sweeping elections and overhaul bill earlier this year, but the legislation was blocked by Republicans in the Senate.
However, a Democratic strategist, Mike Nellis, told CNN he's "skeptical" about using NFTs to raise grassroots money for progressive campaigns, although he added that he would be intrigued by Front Row if it is able to scale.