David McCormick announces bid for US Senate in Pennsylvania

(CNN) David McCormick, a Republican hedge fund executive, is running for the US Senate in Pennsylvania, he formally announced Thursday morning.
As part of the rollout, the McCormick campaign released a TV ad featuring the 56-year-old speaking directly to the camera from a high-school gymnasium.
"I'm Dave McCormick," he says in the ad.
"I've been fighting my whole life from wrestling in this gym to one just like it at West Point.
I fought for freedom in Iraq and American capitalism, not socialism.
And now I'm running for the US Senate to fight the woke mob, hijacking America's future."
McCormick is the latest candidate to join the GOP primary field to succeed retiring Sen. Pat Toomey, a two-term Republican.
Among the other Republicans in the race are TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz , former US ambassador Carla Sands and businessman Jeff Bartos.
McCormick, a former official in the Treasury Department under President George W. Bush, is a Pennsylvania native and West Point graduate.
For years he has lived in Connecticut, where his hedge fund is located, but Republicans in Pennsylvania were recruiting McCormick to come back to the state and run.