Clarence Thomas calls out John Roberts as Supreme Court edges closer to overturning Roe v. Wade

(CNN) There was a little-seen warm moment between Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Clarence Thomas last November 1, just before the Supreme Court heard arguments on Texas' abortion ban.
Roberts announced that 30 years ago on that exact date, a ceremonial investiture for Thomas had been held.
Thomas, sitting to Roberts' right, beamed and slung his arm over the chief's shoulder.
The two justices are now engaged in an epic struggle over a new abortion case that could mean the end of Roe v. Wade nationwide and unsettle the public image of the court.
Thomas last week recalled the court atmosphere before 2005, when Roberts joined, and said, "We actually trusted each other.
Roberts, with his institutionalist approach, is positioned as the one justice who might generate a compromise opinion that stops short of completely overturning Roe v. Wade, at least this year.
After Politico on May 2 published a first-draft opinion dated February 10 that appeared to show a majority ready to reverse Roe v. Wade, advocates on both sides swung into overdrive.
The controversy over Roe v. Wade and the disclosed draft seemed to provoke most of his comments.
Neither Thomas nor Roberts have said anything publicly about that situation or the court's general lack of transparency on recusal issues .
And now, whatever conflicts were simmering internally over ethics have been overtaken by the abortion rights case and other substantive disputes to be resolved in these final weeks of the annual 2021-22 session.
Roberts, in contrast to Thomas, has a reputation inside the court for being guarded, even secretive.
Roberts, who has opposed abortion rights in the past, based his vote on adherence to precedent.