Biden to update public on national vaccination program and pandemic response

(CNN) President Joe Biden on Thursday will highlight the ongoing work on Covid-19 vaccine booster shots and tout the effectiveness of vaccination requirements as he updates the public on his administration's response to the pandemic, a White House official told CNN.
Biden will deliver remarks after he and Vice President Kamala Harris receive a briefing from members of the White House Covid-19 Response Team in the Oval Office.
The President will update the public on his national vaccination program as vaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration discuss whether to authorize boosters of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine for some adults.
Last month, the FDA authorized booster doses of Pfizer's vaccine for certain people.
Biden will tout his administration's response to the pandemic as cases and hospitalizations continue to decline, the official said.
He will stress the importance of keeping up the pressure and getting the rest of the country vaccinated, according to the official.
About 188 million people, or 66.2% of the eligible US population, is fully vaccinated, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
About 66 million people, or 23.3% of the eligible population, have not received a Covid-19 vaccine.