Biden says full FDA approval of a Covid-19 vaccine could come as early as the end August

By all accounts, the approval process for the vaccines is moving faster than it ever has before.
On Wednesday, President Joe Biden told CNN's Don Lemon during a CNN Townhall that he expects Covid-19 vaccines could get full approval "quickly."
The acting commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Janet Woodcock, has said the FDA intends to complete the review in advance of its January deadline.
Tice says she thinks full approval for Pfizer's vaccine could come in September.
Some experts like Dr. Paul Offit, the director of the Vaccine Education Center think it may be as early as August.
Moderna's timelineFor vaccine maker Moderna , the company told CNN Wednesday that is does not have a specific time frame for approval.
It is still working with the FDA on what's called a rolling submission for approval -- it shares new data with the agency as it is generated.
The time frame for approval would then be subject to the FDA regulatory review process, Moderna said.
For full approval, the FDA has at least six months of efficacy data to review.
Offit believes the data review should go pretty quickly, since the FDA has been getting data all along.
What often takes time is that the FDA has to also validate the process that makes the vaccine for it to be licensed.
While companies are allowed to require the vaccine, experts believe more will make it a requirement if -- and when -- it gets full approval.