Biden joins the world leaders club at G7 with call for wartime effort against Covid-19

Falmouth, England (CNN) The leaders of the world's advanced economies will gather Friday on the Cornish coast for the first time since the global coronavirus pandemic began, welcoming President Joe Biden as a new member who arrived here intent on restoring traditional American alliances.
With a pandemic raging in much of the world, a global economy still in shock and threats rising from Russia and China, the Group of 7 summit that formally begins on Friday is shaping up to potentially be one of the most consequential in recent memoryBiden has ramped up those stakes, framing the moment as one just as momentous as the years during and after World War II, when the US, the United Kingdom and their allies worked together to help the world recover.
Already, Biden has used his first trip abroad as President to announce a purchase of new vaccines for the developing world, likening it to American wartime efforts building tanks and airplanes.
And he sat down for his first face-to-face meeting with Britain's Prime Minister in a photo op designed to replicate a historic World War II alliance.
He's sought to convey a message of unity after four years of fractured alliances under then-President Donald Trump.
And while European leaders are sighing with relief at a more traditional US presidency, there remain differences between the leaders.
And skepticism abounds about the durability of Biden's message.