Biden grappling with immigration and travel restrictions as pandemic worsens

A tangled web of Covid-19 border restrictions has limited who can travel to the US.
And tourism from abroad has been effectively halted while the restrictions remain in place.
The ongoing discussions combine two issues Biden has grappled with since taking office -- immigration and the coronavirus pandemic -- at a time when both are under heavy political scrutiny.
On Wednesday, the administration moved to delay opening up nonessential travel with Mexico and Canada until August 21.
The stakes are high for Biden, who officials say is trying to avoid a situation where restrictions are lifted only to be put in place again in the future.
Meanwhile, liberals and conservatives alike are scrutinizing the President's immigration policies and the Trump-era restrictions that remain in place.
There have also been multiple smaller group conversations in between those larger meetings to discuss specific issues, like the epidemiological situation, variants, surveillance, and vaccination efforts and plans for changing travel restrictions, a White House official told CNN.
The lack of answers is fueling frustration among members of Biden's party, who are imploring the administration to ease restrictions.
Those concerns have also spilled over to discussions over the wind down of a Trump-era pandemic policy along the US-Mexico border.
Similarly, border mayors are clamoring for the administration to provide answers on when cross-border travel can fully resume.
"But on immigration, they're not doing a very good job on immigration."
As Democratic lawmakers push for immigration reform, the administration is still contending with its plans to reverse Trump-era immigration policies while avoiding backups at the border.