'I value different things now.' Readers share how the pandemic will change their spending habits

Others found that staying home brought on forced savings since dining out, entertainment, travel and childcare became less available.
We asked CNN Business readers what spending changes they plan to make once "normal" life resumes.
He said he's also expecting to continue spending to make his family's new home more comfortable.
"I fully expect to [initially] spend more than I normally would on these activities to make up for lost time."
Haven't had a vacation in eleven years and was planning one last spring, which of course went kaput," Rowe said.
They've also been saving for their wedding, now rescheduled for November, which they hope they won't have to postpone again.
As a result, "I restructured my spending," Gamble said, "It's clarified what's a need and what's a want."
But during the pandemic, as work became scarce, she ended up making more than usual from various forms of pandemic relief, including federally supplemented unemployment benefits.
Changing values on where they spend their moneyPenelope Luster, a single mom of three in Texas, lost her job during the pandemic.
And that realization has changed his mind about how they'll spend money in the future.
For retiree Ellen Floriani, who lives in Florida, the desire to spend money on outside entertainment, restaurants and in-person shopping is gone.
"We shop online and at curbside pickup and find this much more leisurely and satisfying than brick-and-mortar stores and malls."