Bank CEOs say they could exit China if it ever attacks Taiwan

Hong Kong (CNN Business) Leaders of America's biggest banks say they would follow any US directive on pulling business from China if Taiwan is ever attacked by Beijing.
JPMorgan JPM Citi C Bank of America BAC CEO Jamie Dimon,CEO Jane Fraser, andCEO Brian Moynihan were all pressed on the subject Wednesday by US Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, from Missouri, in a Capitol Hill hearing"We'll follow [the] government's guidance, which has been for decades to work with China, and if they change that position, we'll immediately change it, as we did in Russia," said Moynihan, citing the corporate response to Russia's invasion of UkraineDimon said JPMorgan would "absolutely salute and follow whatever the American government says — which is you all — and what you want us to do."
Asked what she would do if the decision was left to her, Fraser said that it was "highly likely that we would have a materially reduced presence, if any at all in the country."