Jordan's king breaks silence after royal drama grips the country

Amman (CNN) Jordan's King has broken his silence about a royal family fallout that rattled the country, calling the episode the "most painful" of his 22-year reign.
The saga began over the weekend, when Jordanian authorities detained around 15 people, including a high-profile political figure and at least one member of the royal family.
A popular prince, Hamzah bin Al Hussein, claimed to have been have been placed under effective house arrest in a video sent to media.
Authorities alleged that Prince Hamzah was part of a plot backed by unnamed foreign entities to "destabilize" the kingdom -- a claim that he has denied.
"Sedition came from within and without our one house, and nothing compares to my shock, pain, and anger as a brother and as the head of the Hashemite family, and as a leader of this proud people," said King Abdullah in a written statement released on Wednesday.
Addressing speculation on the whereabouts of Prince Hamzah, who is Abdullah's half-brother, the King said the popular royal was "with his family, at his palace, in my care."