India's Hindu extremists are calling for genocide against Muslims. Why is little being done to stop them?

CNN has contacted India's Ministry of Minority Affairs, the Hindu Mahasabha and Pandey, but has not received a response.
Rise of the right-wing Hindu groupFounded in 1907 during British rule at a time of growing conflict between Muslims and Hindus in the country, the Hindu Mahasabha is one of India's oldest political organizations.
The Hindu Mahasabha's vision, according to the group's official website , is to declare India the "National Home of the Hindus."
With its controversial campaigns and ideology, Hindu Mahasabha has always been a marginal political force.
Hindu Mahasabha targets rural communities in northern states, where there is a large BJP presence, encouraging them to vote for parties that align with their Hindu-nationalist ideology, including Modi's BJP, Verniers said.
Nathuram Godse's statue is adroned with a garland at the Hindu Mahasabha office in New Delhi.
And as Hindu Mahasabha has grown in recent years, it has become more outspoken.
Hindu Mahasabha isn't the only right-wing Hindu nationalist group to espouse violent sentiment toward liberals and minorities -- including India's 200 million Muslims, who make up 15% of the country's 1.3 billion population.
Many RSS members are adherents of the Hindutva ideology that the Hindu Mahasabha preach -- to make India the land of the Hindus.
All of this has only served to encourage extremist groups like the Hindu Mahasabha, say experts.
"The Indian state is in serious crisis."
For the 21-year-old student, it is difficult to "expect any sense of justice" for Indian Muslims.