Analysis: Is 'partygate' one scandal too many for Boris Johnson?

But as Prime Minister Boris Johnson is embroiled in a crisis over allegations of numerous parties held in Downing Street while the rest of the UK was in lockdown, sparking national outrage, the timing is particularly tortuous for the governing Conservative party.
On Friday, the scandal worsened as it was revealed that a party was held in Downing Street the night before the funeral of Prince Philip.
Boris Johnson faced tough questions from lawmakers in Parliament as outrage mounts over a "bring your own booze" event held at Downing Street during the height of the UK's first Covid-19 lockdown.
Boris Johnson apologized in Parliament on Wednesday.
"It's a super-tight judgement call, and one that is based more on guts than any actual metrics," said Salma Shah, a former Conservative Party special adviser.
The case for keeping Johnson rests on the fact that he might, despite everything, still be the best hope of the Conservative Party winning the next general election.
Another senior Conservative, close to Johnson, told CNN that despite broad agreement he was "doing a horrible job," it could create a bigger mess than it's worth.
Finally, the economic conditions for the next election will not favor the Conservative Party.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Uxbridge, west London, after a visit to a coronavirus vaccination clinic, on January 10, 2022.
They are also sick and tired of the unforced errors coming from Downing Street.
The Conservative Party is being forced to ask itself some very difficult questions at an incredibly hard time.
Either way, Johnson, his government and his party face a horrible few months of pain that will likely get worse before it gets better.