Opinion: What to do with Trump's tax returns

CNN —Can it really be time for yet another Donald Trump tax return story?
Edward J. McCafferyThen there was the former Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, who first subpoenaed Trump’s tax returns from the accountant Mazars in 2019, and actually got them years – and multiple legal cases – later.
The Trump tax return story du jour is the culmination of another years-long battle, this one with Congress.
And so now, finally, the Supreme Court – without opinion or dissent – has denied Trump’s request to block the release of his tax returns.
They could, legally, publish Trump’s returns.
Chalk it all up to Trump tax fatigue.
But if nothing were done with Trump’s tax returns, it would be an opportunity lost.
Since 1977, all presidential and vice presidential tax returns are subject to annual audits.
What did these audits of Trump’s returns reveal?
And if nothing untoward comes up in investigating the enforcement of our tax laws in Trump’s case, what does it tell us about the tax law itself that the rich can so easily avoid it?
Maybe it’s time to get beyond Trump and whatever conspiratorial fantasies we hold about what smoking guns lie in his tax returns.
Trump’s tax returns provide a valuable and important case study for thinking about fixing the whole damn thing.