Opinion: Minors' rights can't be left up to their parents' politics

But therein lies its deceptive risk, because it’s also historically been a conservative talking point, and now it’s back with a vengeance.
It’s understandable that most parents would want to know if their child was undergoing such a significant transition.
The question, though, isn’t what it’s reasonable for parents to want, but what it’s reasonable to enforce through laws and regulations.
And it is wholly unreasonable to demand that a teenager’s experimentation with identity and belief, so long as that experimentation is not physically dangerous, be disclosed to parents.
While 0.5% of American adults identify as transgender, 1.4% of young people between the ages of 13 and 17 do.
The same holds true for trans and non-binary teenagers who are experimenting with social transition during the school day.
These parents felt that they should know if their kid is identifying as a different gender at school.
They are happening in a country where minors have very few rights.
In that worldview, their children have virtually no rights at all.
Join us on Twitter and FacebookThe more liberal-minded among us, in other words, should push back on this authoritarianism and the demand for parental rights to supersede all else.
We must assert the rights of all children to live free of violence and to explore their identities in safe ways without being ratted out to their parents.
And that means advocating for a world in which, yes, parents have rights – but so do children and teens.